CARE Recipe: Cornbread Topped Veggie Egg Bake

CARE Recipe: Cornbread Topped Veggie Egg Bake

Leafy and tender veggies can be challenging to have for breakfast. The key is being prepared and having them prepped before your rushed morning routine. Even the most dedicated would struggle to clean, prep, and cook veggies within an hour of waking up. A solution? Breakfast Bakes. These versatile, nutrient-rich, and easy to balance bakes take less than 30 minutes to get in the oven, can be tailored to suit your individual taste preferences, and result in multiple made-ahead filling breakfasts (or brunch ideas or dinners or lunches –you pick!).

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“The Nature of Nutrition” By: Kella Rodiek Published: 2-27-15 “Mitchell native Teri Rose believes in the power of prevention. Rose, a master of science and licensed nutritionist, knows the importance of eating with perspective and purpose. And she believes in the power of produce. Her Minneapolis-based business, Perfectly Produce, was born of these beliefs, and it […]

“Best Nutritionist in the Twin Cities” | Awarded by MN Monthly

      Perfectly Produce Nutrition Services Awarded “Best Nutritionist in the Twin Cities” by Minnesota Monthly Magazine Published: November 2011 issue     “Licensed nutritionist Teri Rose doesn’t buy into cleanses or gimmicky diets. Instead, she believes in the value of a good veggie or two. After some consultations and meal-planning (which take into […]