CARE: Group-Guided

Convenience with Accountability

Practitioner-led structure with group learning and support

The marriage that individuals striving for long-term health changes have longed for is finally here: the affordability and convenience of online learning partnered with weekly practitioner-led Zoom group workshops for needed structure, accountability, and support.

CARE: Group-Guided is our recommended option for individuals that know they do better when they don’t try to make changes alone. These individuals want regular conversations with others setting similar lifestyle goals, and they want weekly structure.

In addition to the features of the Core CARE Program, Group-Guided includes:

  • One-to-One 30-Minute Introductory Zoom meeting with Teri: We know its more comfortable entering a room when you already know someone there. That’s the purpose of this meeting, to allow you to meet Teri and get comfortable with the format of the weekly group workshops before attending one. Teri will also walk you through your first CARE Initial Goal Setting worksheet (you’ll come to your first group meeting feeling like a pro!)
  • Unique weekly “Monday Goal-Setting Group Workshop” (two Zoom meeting times to pick from every Monday: 12pm-1pm and 7pm-8pm Central, excludes US national holidays): These Zoom workshops are led by Teri Rose, MS, LN, and follow the same format she uses during private meetings. Each meeting includes individual time for goal setting and then Teri divides members into small group breakout groups. Here, each member will talk through their worksheets, sharing strengths and challenges they encountered the previous week, giving other members the opportunity to offer suggestions, tips, and insights from their own experiences.
  • Live “Friday Group Check-In Meeting” (every Friday 12pm-1pm Central, excludes US national holidays): Open to all CARE members, these end-of-week meetings are more informal and allow members to ask questions that rise up during the week and questions that will help prepare for the weekend.
  • Option to purchase private sessions as needed: As you progress through the program, you might have a personal challenge that you’d like to discuss privately with Teri or recalibrate with an individual goal-setting session. As-needed private support sessions are available to Group-Guided members.

Getting started in these meetings is simple. Detailed instructions for members can be found on our Get Started page. Throughout the program, you have direct access to members of the CARE team to help ensure you are comfortable finding things online and taking advantage of meetings.

Please Note: Individual Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) is only provided with Practitioner-Guided options. MNT includes a review of personal medical history and nutritional diagnosis for current medical conditions. MNT is not provided in CARE group settings (online or monthly classes). Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

How it all comes together!


“Teri is so knowledgeable and passionate about teaching you a healthy lifestyle …you will become passionate about your own health and well being too! She is SUCH a great coach/teacher … motivating and encouraging!”

Annie, Inver Grove, MN

“CARE is different for me because I thought I already knew how to eat ‘healthy’.  I ate what we hear are ‘healthy foods’ and I avoided fast food and ‘fake foods’, but it wasn’t until CARE that I really started to understand how to use these healthy foods ‘purposefully’ (I word I hadn’t ever applied to my diet until I was introduced to it in CARE).  Now I use food not just to manage my weight but to take care of my whole self.  My mood, my digestion, my heart, my immune system – all of me.”

Theresa, Minneapolis, MN