The Weekly Carrot_CARE Lifestyle Program

The purpose of the Weekly Carrot is to give a pulse of what is happening in the program each week. It summarizes conversations, highlights common themes, and gives me a place to pull together “recommended reading” links which allow you to go deeper into questions raised.

If you have additional suggestions on what you’d like to see each week, leave your comments below!


7-31-20 | Community needs communication, “All Activity” link, Non-Alcohol containing recipes (Faux White Wine):

7-24-20 | Free e-books, Learning vs Habit Formation, Forum Posts on Protein Powders, Pangratita Recipe:

7-15-20 | The Flaw with “Eat Foods. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants”, Forum Posts for Socializing (where does alcohol fit? how to respond to comments about food?), Coconut Berry Popsicles:


6-26-20 | First Focus=Learning (with a sense of curiosity and play):

6-12-20 | The Loudness of External Voices during Riots, Rather than self-medicating, let’s self-nurture, let’s self-CARE:

6-5-20 | Practitioner-Guided Memberships Resume, Modernmeal Tutorial, Call for Recipe Requests:


5-29-20 | Where are we today? Bring the political climate into lifestyle goals:

5-22-20 | Importance of Weekly Goal Setting, Holiday Challenges, Chickpea Snack:

5-15-20 | Two months into social distancing, Hit “reply” if I can help, Faux Alfredo Sauce:

5-6-20 | Zoom Private Sessions, Moderneal Planners Group:


4-29-20 | Choices Worksheet, The 80/20 Rule, At Home Fitness Routines: 

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