CARE Weight Loss and Lifestyle Program: Options and Pricing

One Program. Three Levels of Guidance.

Group-Guided: Open Group

$49 / month

(available to US and Canada)

Practitioner-Guided: Private Group

$149 / month

(available to MN residents)

Practitioner-Guided: Individual

$249 / month

(available to MN residents)


  • Open group
  • Workshop facilitated by Teri Rose, MS, LN
  • Small group discussions for deeper learning
  • Comfort of learning with friends/family/or co-workers
  • Minimum of 2 members needed; custom scheduling of recurring meetings
  • $149/month PER member; contact us for non-profit and other select group discounts
  • Highest level of flexibility
  • Highest level of personalization
  • Highest level of one-to-one learning

Access to full CARE Weight Loss and Lifestyle Program online course (click link to see content outline): includes an in-depth look at “what” choices to make and “why” they matter.

Access to our Modernmeal Meal Planning recipe database: professional-level, drag-and-drop meal planning tool with access to 5,000+ recipes (robust filters for “vegan”, “gluten-free”, etc) plus the ability to add your own (organize all your recipes into one digital location!); includes daily nutrition analysis (your meal plan now becomes your journal, no double logging!), and shopping list creator (you can even push list to Instacart for home delivery!)

24/7 access to private, member-only areas: Includes forums for asking your individual questions in between meetings

Compliment group learning with as-needed Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT): As-needed MNT Private Sessions allow you to create your own ideal program; used with General Group-Guided or Private Group membership options, purchase MNT sessions only as needed (per session rates apply; virtual support and online message options available)


(included in membership)

Introductory 30-minute virtual meeting: Ensure you get off to the most comfortable start possible with a 30-minute virtual Zoom meeting with Teri as soon as possible after enrolling. ($75 value)

(part of 90-min initial group meeting)

(part of 90-min initial session)

Accountability and structure: Weekly, practitioner-facilitated 1-hour Group Goal-Setting Workshops via Zoom; learn from other group members as you define the specific actions you are ready to practice for just this week; you determine the frequency you would like to attend, you do not need to commit to coming each week. Come according to the schedule that best supports you.

(Every Monday from 4-5pm Central, excludes US national holidays, additional times will be added in Jan 2022, request times here)

(option to attend)

(option to attend)

Progam personalization with the added fun and comfort of private group learning: Get the benefits of being guided through the program directly by Teri Rose, MS, LN, while in the company of your friends/family/or co-workers committed to making the same lifestyle changes; Schedule the recurring group meeting time that works best for you as a group (one member is identified as the lead and coordinates scheduling with Teri); Each month you receive 2, 90-minute group meetings (all meetings are via Zoom): meetings include goal setting, individual mentoring, and BMI and weight monitoring

Customization of the program as needed: Materials and activities are provided to you as they fit your goals and needs versus adhering to the program content calendar


Highest personalization and one-to-one virtual learning: Your first month of membership includes an initial 90-minute private consultation plus 1, 50-minute session; ongoing, you receive 2, 50-minute private sessions each month (all meetings are via Zoom): meetings include goal setting, individual mentoring, and BMI and weight monitoring ($240 value/month)

Highest structure with weekly guidance: In addition to your two monthly 50-minute private sessions, you receive an open Online Message Private Session to use as needed to reach Teri on the weeks in-between appointments. ($100 value/month)

Why we love each option! (click each link to read more about what makes these options unique)

CARE Practitioner-Guided: Private Group

Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) debit cards are accepted forms of payment for CARE Weight Loss Program options.
It is recommended that you understand the qualifications for weight loss program coverage by your insurance company to avoid declined payment; Perfectly Produce does not process insurance claims or talk to insurance companies on members’ behalf.

No contracts, No requirements. It’s easy to stop your membership and monthly recurring billing at any time directly through your account settings or by contacting us. Requests are processed the same day, without questions.

The Lower Cost of CARE.  CARE does not have the added expense of program-required supplements, pre-packaged meals, or diagnostics and lab fees. No additional taxes (including MN Care Tax) or fees are collected at check-out.


“Unlike other programs that tell you everything you do now is wrong and you should change everything today, Teri helps incorporate incremental changes that ultimately have a dramatic impact.  My fasting blood sugar decreased from 106 (for several years in a row) to 81 and my cholesterol decreased by 20 as well.  I also eat a better variety of food and feel more empowered to modify meals I’ve eaten as part of my meal plan for many years to include more variety and improved nutritional balance.  I’ve also made it through several extremely stressful health and life events (change in job, death in my family, health events) that normally would have resulted in a weight increase while successfully maintaining my weight.”  

Jennifer, St. Louis Park, MN

“I can’t thank Teri enough for developing this great program and all her support. I have spent my life gaining and losing weight on ALL the popular diet plans and when I had chocked down my last prepared/powdered meal that I could take, I started looking for something different. I was a little skeptical at first as I am quite a good cook and for the most part eat whole foods (when not on a crappy diet!) But there was so much to learn about building a balanced plate and eating for health. It is still a journey for me and I could always exercise a little more, but I have the tools and I feel so much better. This is one of the best things I have ever done for myself.”

Kelly, Eagan, MN