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THE Most Important Step for Nutrition Success

photo: Soul Bliss Photography for Perfectly Produce | Hearty Chickpea Stew Winter e-Recipe Book The Secret to Long-Term Nutrition Success? Always Be Prepared for Your Next Meal Before It’s Time to Eat  If you are ready, really ready this time, to make dietary changes that including eating more fruits and vegetables– you are going to have to befriend meal planning and prep.  It is an unrealistic expectation to put on yourself that at the end of a long, time-starved, emotionally exhausting day you are going to spend time first cleaning vegetables, then 20 minutes chopping and prepping them, then 20-30 minutes cooking the dish… …

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How to Nutritionally Survive the Holidays

Photo and cupcake decorating author: Make.Bake.Celebrate How to Nutritionally Survive the Holidays This year can be different.   The week of Thanksgiving: joyous anticipation fills the air as we all stand on the starting line of another holiday season.  All the posts and chatter right now reflects this holiday honeymoon phase.  Our giggles have not yet turned to tears as we read and share all those jokes about how much weight we will inevitably gain over this dietary equivalent to a marathon – six weeks of navigating parties, comments from relatives, influences from co-workers, and a constant supply of left-overs. …

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Trying to make healthy lifestyle changes? You’ll need a daily distraction.

Trying to make healthy lifestyle changes? You’ll need a daily distraction.   Is Your Healthy Lifestyle List Complete? Restore healthy body weight – check! Eat 8 + a Balanced Plate – check! Move More – check! Always be prepared for my next meal before it’s time to eat – check! Define my daily distraction, my ‘fun goal’ – Feel good enough to {fill in the blank} each day – check??   Daily distraction – huh? Everyday I get to ask people who are trying to make healthy change ‘Why do you want to be healthy?’.  The common response is to …

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Why Meal Planning: Make and Compare Your Own List (plus FREE meal planning template)

Why Meal Planning? To Always Be Prepared for Your Next Meal Before It’s Time to Eat   Last night, despite feeling like making popcorn and watching a movie, I grabbed a pen and scribbled out a quick meal plan, went into the kitchen and started to cook.  Within 10 minutes I had the music turned up a little louder and had a renewed sense of control over my diet.  I was determined to avoid last week: one that didn’t include a meal plan which I paid the consequences for by Friday night. I am often asked why I think meal planning …

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Making Changes: Define Your True Reason for Health

Making Changes: Define Your True Reason for Health How My Love for Nutrition was Born   Making changes is hard. Knowing what to do to be healthy isn’t the biggest challenge that we face.  It’s knowing how to do it – consistently – that’s the challenge.  And knowing how to do it must first include learning how to want to do it. You can be provided with the most therapeutic list of foods to eat and recipes for how to use them, but if you haven’t aligned your personal values and goals with the effort needed to make those recipes …

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