Decreased Added Sugar = Decreased A1C!

Decreased Added Sugar = Decreased A1C!


Written by Guest Author: Deirdre Diggins, NBC Nightly News Story Participant

The catalyst to working with Teri for me was the nutritional questions I had around my son’s type 1 diabetes diagnosis. I was searching for someone to help me figure out what were the best foods for him to eat to help his body. I ran into dead end after dead end (including very expensive nutritionists) in the medical world and discovered a gaping hole between medicine and nutrition. Teri filled that gap.

My son went for his endocrinologist appointment yesterday – his last meeting was in June, before we started working with Teri again for the NBC story. At every meeting (every 3 – 4 months) the doctor checks his A1C number, this is a blood test that lets you know how your blood sugar control has been. At his appointment in June he was at 8.4, not a great reading. His doctor would like him to be in the 7’s or below. Yesterday, at his appointment his A1C decreased! It was 7.2 – a 1.2 drop, in 3 months!!!

This was great news and I am sure that the change in nutrition is the main reason for the improvement! We now have a goal to go below 7 – how great would that be!!?? He feels he can reach that goal too!

This is a real reminder and proof that these changes that Teri has helped us with make a difference!

Feeling reinvigorated to continue and improve the nutrition in my house,


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