Free Online Weight Loss Program: CARE Level 1 Details

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See if CARE could be the right match for you

As we’ve been discussing throughout the site, for long-term results, individuals need to pick the weight loss and lifestyle program that they can comfortably adhere to permanently. The goals of the program must match the individual’s own goals, the tools provided must match their learning style, and the voice of the program author must resonate.

So see if CARE could provide this for you, see if CARE fits you like a glove. Enroll in CARE Level 1: The Foundation for free.

No payment information is required at account set-up (account creation is still needed so that member-only areas can be accessed).

Also important to note: this free membership does not come at the expense of us collecting or sharing your user information.  No advertising is accepted, therefore, no advertisers have access to your information either.

Immediately at enrollment in CARE Level 1, you receive:

    Digital access to CARE Step 1: Getting Started

  • This includes immediate access to Quick Start Guides, 3-Day Meal Plan + Shopping List, In-Depth Reading Materials, and Let’s Practice Activities.
  • CARE Step 2: Kitchen 101 – Setting Up Your Whole Foods-Produce-Based Kitchen is then available in two weeks. This pacing matches the in-person program and is important for giving you time to practice the information in Step 1, in your own kitchen and in real life situations unique to you, before moving on.
  • All step materials, activities, recipes, and meal plans are in PDF format for easy downloading.

    Access to member-only online content and discussions

  • All CARE members (online and in-person) come together on the private CARE online member areas to learn as a group.
  • CARE Level 1 members receive access to the CARE Getting Started Forum.
  • CARE Nutritionist, Teri Rose, shares posts that get into the nuts and bolts of applying and practicing the CARE “Therapeutic Foundation” and  Balanced Plate “visual method” that is presented in CARE Steps 1 and 2.
  • You are encouraged to reply to Teri’s posts and ask direct questions on how to apply these tips to your own unique schedules and situations.
  • No advertising, private, member-only access.
  • There is no required online participation in group discussions; you define what is the right level of engagement for you. 

    Ability to ask direct questions through the private forums

  • CARE Level 1 members are encouraged to ask for clarification on CARE Step 1 and 2 program materials through the member-only online forum.
  • This is your opportunity for personalized guidance from a specialist to develop the skills needed to consistently make the changes you want to make.
  • 24/7 access allows you to engage when it works with your schedule.

Please Note: Individual Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) is not provided with CARE Level 1.  MNT is only provided with In-Person program options. MNT includes a review of personal medical history and nutritional diagnosis for current medical conditions. MNT is not provided in CARE group settings (online or monthly classes). Active CARE Online members can purchase individual consultation sessions for MNT services separately, as needed. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions.

Immediately when you enroll, you have access to your Getting Started Guide which includes your first 3-day whole foods-based meal plan, recipes, and shopping list.  You will be taken directly to your new program once you have set up your user account (no payment information is needed)!