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Your Journey, Your Way

CARE Online

Level 1: The Foundation

A Free Program Option, Not Just a Free Trial

We ask you to make sure your next program fits like a glove; see for yourself if CARE does:

  • CARE Level 1 offers FREE access to CARE Steps 1 & 2
  • Immediately at enrollment, you receive access to CARE Step 1, your first 3-Day Meal Plan,  and your ‘Therapeutic Lifestyle Checklist’
  • CARE Step 2: Kitchen 101 – Setting Up Your Whole Foods, Produce-Based Kitchen then becomes available two weeks from date of enrollment
  • Immediately when you enroll, you also receive access to the private member areas with the ability to ask direct questions about Steps 1-2 through the private online forums
  • Best option for individuals ready to start making changes but are still evaluating how to start again

$0 / forever (really)

Free program option, not just a free trial. No payment information taken, ever.

CARE Online

Level 2: The Lifestyle

The Full Story for How To Use Lifestyle as Medicine

Comprehensive online nutrition and lifestyle education and mentoring which includes:

  • Immediate access to CARE Steps 1 & 2 (CARE Level 1) PLUS CARE Step 3: Leafy & Tender Veggies
  • Immediate access to CARE BONUS STEP: Strengthening Digestion! Includes checklists for how to use Food as Medicine to protect your gut microbiome
  • Ongoing, a new step will be available every two weeks
  • Full access to member-only online content and discussions
  • Ability to ask direct questions through private online forums
  • Best option for individuals that want structured learning and those wanting to continue the conversation started in Level 1

$19 / month

You control cancellation directly in account settings, processed immediately.

CARE In-Person

One-to-One Learning

Level 2 with the Highest Level of Individualization

Two individual consultations each month with 24/7 mentoring in-between:

  • Immediately at enrollment, you have access to CARE Step 1 allowing you to get started while your initial appointment is scheduled
  • At each consultation, you’ll complete one-to-one goal setting and receive personalized solutions to discovered challenges
  • The order in which you progress through the program is customized depending upon your individual needs
  • You receive support in-between appointments through the online member areas
  • Best for individuals within the Twin Cities area that prefer the highest level of accountability and a one-to-one learning environment

$249 / month

No contracts or minimum duration. Start when you’re ready, end when you’re ready.

Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) debit cards are accepted forms of payment for CARE Weight Loss Program options.
It is recommended that you understand the qualifications for weight loss program coverage by your insurance company to avoid declined payment; Perfectly Produce does not process insurance claims or talk to insurance companies on members’ behalf.

No contracts, No requirements. The core CARE program was created for six months, however, you decide your own pace of learning. It’s easy to stop your membership and monthly recurring billing at any time directly through your account settings or by contacting us. Requests are processed same day, without questions.

The Lower Cost of CARE.  CARE does not have the added expense of program-required supplements, pre-packaged meals, or diagnostics and lab fees. No additional taxes (including MN Care Tax) or fees are collected at check-out