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How it Works

All members of CARE progress through the program the same way. What changes is the level of guidance for problem-solving and goal-setting (defining the upcoming plan items that you are ready to practice). Group-Guided members define their plans in the weekly virtual group meeting format, Practitioner-Guided members do it via virtual one-to-one private meetings, and Self-Guided members self-direct this process with the ability to ask for support and clarification virtually or online whenever needed.

Here is how you progress through the program: 

  1. Read/Complete CARE Steps via the online course; you always control the pacing, stay on a step as long as needed
  2. Complete Weekly Plan Items/Goals (based on your guidance level) to define specific, incremental steps you are ready to practice for the upcoming week
  3. Reach out for clarification/help as needed together during the virtual Fri Check-In/Open Office Hours or online
  4. Practice your plan items (everything we do together is to support your ability to consistently do this)

Below are additional details for how each guidance option of CARE works. If you have a question not addressed here, please email us now so we can get you started.

Four Features Used by All Members

Tools that will help you consistently practice your new choices

1) CARE Online Course

PDFs of core health education, what health changes to make and why make them, activities, and sample meal plans

    • Immediately at enrollment, the CARE private member-only areas become accessible.
    • Use the left side navigation menu (the collapsed menu in the upper left corner on phones), click “Program Materials” –> CARE Weight Loss & Lifestyle Program; all instructions are provided within each step.
    • You control the rate at which you progress through the materials (max rate is one step per week). There is no more ‘getting behind’ or ‘shoulds’ placed on you.
    • It can be helpful to schedule recurring time on your calendar to spend with the program. Here is a CARE Forum post where Teri outlines suggestions on how to do this: Getting Started: Schedule Weekly Program Time (Just like its an appointment).

2) Modernmeal

Your new professional-level meal planning software, recipe database, shopping list creator, and nutrition tracker – access 5,000+ recipes! 

    • WATCH YOUR INBOX: Shortly after you enroll, you will receive an email with an “Invitation to Modernmeal” in the subject line.
    • This email includes your link to set up your Modernmeal profile (this software is managed by a developer that requires their own login, we recommend using the same login you use for CARE so it is easy to remember).
    • Once you create your Modernmeal profile, watch the brief online tutorials.

3) CARE Online Forums 

For all your questions in-between meetings

    • Using the left navigation menu on the CARE site, you’ll see “CARE Forums” –> CARE Weight Loss & Lifestyle Program (click here to see a list of current topics and to post a new topic/question).
    • This is your place to ask questions as you begin using the program materials in your everyday life.
    • Be sure to look at the CARE Forum “Tech Support and Using the Member Areas” for additional help getting around online.

Continue reading below to find more specific details by guidance level.

Note: Please ensure that all emails from “” are added to your safe sender list or a filter is created in Gmail to avoid them going to “Promotions or Spam”. If you need help doing this, contact us and we’ll help walk you through it.

Self-Guided members receive full access to all four of the core CARE program features listed above.

Group-Guided members receive a 30-minute one-to-one introductory meeting with Teri plus weekly Group Goal Setting Workshops.

30-Minute Introductory Zoom Meeting with Teri

  • Shortly after enrolling, you will receive an email with instructions on how to set up your introductory Zoom meeting.
  • The purpose of this meeting is to allow you to talk directly with Teri and get familiar with CARE prior to joining the group meeting.
  • Teri will also walk you through the CARE Initial Goal Setting sheet to familiarize you with the format of the goal-setting workshops ongoing.

Monday Goal Setting: Group Workshop 

WHEN: Every Monday, 4:00pm-5:00pm Central (additional times will be added in Jan 2022)

*excludes US national holidays

ZOOM Meeting Link: EMAILED Monday mornings

  • Watch your inbox the day of for the Zoom meeting link.
  • This meeting will start with brief comments from Teri and then each member will individually complete their Weekly Goal Setting Worksheet (found in CARE Step 1).
  • We recommend you attend at least two of these meetings each month (it’s OK if you can’t make it each week).
  • Preparation for the meeting includes reading the current CARE step you are working on, bringing your previous Goal Setting Worksheets, and bringing a printed copy of the worksheet for you to complete (digital copies will be provided at the meeting but if you prefer a hard copy, be sure to bring it with you to the meeting).
  • Refer to the CARE Meeting and Workshop Calendar as needed and add meetings to your personal calendar.

Practitioner-Guided members receive full support. You are eligible to attend the weekly Goal Setting Workshops. You receive a 90-minute initial private session plus you receive an open Online Messaging Private Session for use as needed on the weeks in-between your appointments.

First Month: 90-Minute Initial Zoom Meeting + One 50-Minute Session

  • Shortly after enrolling, you will receive an email with instructions on how to schedule and prep for your initial 90-minute session.
  • At this meeting, we will discuss the recurring schedule that works best for you and schedule your first 50-minute follow-up session.

Ongoing: Two, One-to-One 50-Minute Private Sessions per month via Zoom

  • Practitioner-Guided offers the most in-depth conversations around the changes you are making.
  • Two meetings per month provide accountability and help keep changes front of mind.

Your Online Messaging (OM) Private Session In-Between Appointments

  • You will stay connected to Teri in-between appointments via CARE’s Online Messaging Private Sessions feature. These sessions are a closed forum format that allows for private messaging, sharing of attachments, and program activities. Works just like email.
  • All of your communications with Teri will be organized in this one location.

Please email us additional questions.