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Here’s How CARE Works

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CARE is a weight loss and lifestyle management program that you participate in the way that is right for you and your learning style.  Two program options are available – online only and options for one-on-one learning through individual consultations.

All program options  start right here, online, once your account is created through enrollment.  There are no contracts or requirementsStart when you want; end when you want.

The core program is six months, however, you decide how long you stay enrolled. It’s easy to stop your membership and monthly recurring billing at any time directly through your account settings or by contacting us.


1. Immediately at enrollment, your learning starts.  Right here, right now.


Immediately when you enroll in any program option, you receive access to the program materials, private CARE Group forum, and Getting Started Guide which includes your first 3-day whole foods-based meal plan, recipes, and shopping list.

You then have access to a new step every two weeks. Steps are unveiled slowly to make CARE interactive and adaptable to your daily routine. So long, overwhelm. Hello, sustainable weight loss.

Why go slow?  Because we want to help you make long-term sustainable changes. Allowing you access to everything you need at once will only serve to overwhelm you in your weight loss journey. Every new skill requires a learning curve. By spacing out each step in two-week intervals, you’ll have time to practice what you learn. Instead of trying to wedge in a fast-fix, you’ll get time to find ways to adapt these lessons to your current lifestyle. With more practice and more time, you’re more likely to stay committed. No gimmicks, fads, or short-lived trends allowed here!


Each step of the program includes:


   Science-made-easy guides that explain the purpose of each step we take and how implementing that change directly supports your health and weight loss goals. Finally understand the connection between your choices and their direct link to symptoms you feel.


   How-to support and resources for making the changes introduced in each step including tools for overcoming hurdles like budget, time constraints, and lack of kitchen or planning skills.


   Discussion feature that allows you to ask your specific questions directly to the Teri and other CARE members.


   Bonus supplemental guide called ‘Living Authentically’. The Living Authentically Series was written by Dr. Sara Schwatken, our CARE Therapist, to go into more detail on the cognitive, emotional, and mental health aspects of embarking on this journey to healthy change.


   Activities that provide you with structure and organization on how to implement and practice each step – consistently.


   Meal plans, recipes, and pre-created shopping lists for all nutrition-based steps.


   Access to Member Groups that become the type of resource you need – for some, this might be emotional support, a place just to share recipes and favorite brands, or a place to start their own group of like-minded-peers with a specific interest.


Completing each step is easy!


Here is all you do:

           Read the provided materials including step goals (and attend consultations for program options that include individual consultations)

            Complete the (fun) Let’s Practice Activities          

           Ask CARE Nutritionist, Teri Rose, your specific questions as you go

           Practice applying the changes into your personal lifestyle (not always easy but now you have us to help!)



2. Immediate access to the CARE Community.


Imagine a community where you can mingle with people who understand your struggle and people who face your same challenges. It’s a community filled with acceptance and encouragement. You’re never made to feel guilty for your decisions. Instead, you’re supported in a private (third-party advertising free) zone along each step of your healthy lifestyle journey.


Please Note: Individual Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) is only provided with Individual Consultation program options. MNT includes review of personal medical history and nutritional diagnosis for current medical conditions.. MNT is not provided in CARE group settings (online or monthly classes).  Active Online Only or Online + Monthly Group Class members can purchase single individual consultation sessions for MNT services separately, as needed.


3. Immediate accountability.


Worried that the program won’t hold you accountable to your new goals? 


We’ve got you covered.  We’ll keep you on track so you’re always progressing toward your goals.  Although CARE has web-based features, CARE is not an automated software program.


In the program, you’ll instantly get access to real people. No hiding behind the computer screen! You’ll have a real highly-qualified nutritionist and a real community of like-minded peers on your side to engage with – starting today!


To move ahead in the program, you also must read the materials for each step. No more passively receiving yet another wellness email, pushing off reading it until the weekend (oops… maybe next weekend), swearing you’ll try that new recipe ‘tomorrow’, realizing ‘tomorrow’ came and went and you haven’t done anything so you feel behind before you’ve gotten started and… well, you know how the rest goes.

You can still progress at your own speed, but we’ve built in measures to ensure you do actually progress. These features are included to reinforce your efforts to continue learning and keeping up the lifestyle you are adopting. It’s our way of motivating you with practice and engagement: a type of accountability you won’t find in any other web-based program.


CARE Weight Loss & Lifestyle Program was written by Teri Rose, a licensed healthcare practitioner with experience guiding hundreds of people just like you through making sustainable changes. She knows what it takes for you to thrive on your new lifestyle management journey:  allowing you to rediscover your own strength and ability that you may no longer trust.

CARE Weight Loss & Lifestyle Program

You Can Do This (and you have us to help).



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