Lifestyle Interventions: A Resource for Physicians

CARE is Your Partner in the Nutrition Care Process

Physicians Have Limited Time for Nutrition and Lifestyle Modification Counseling in Primary Care Visits

Physicians need weight loss and lifestyle interventions they can refer to patients.

A study published on the self-perceived proficiency of medical residents found that 94% felt that nutrition counseling should be included during primary care visits, but only 14% felt properly trained to provide that counseling (full text here). Lack of time available during primary care visits is another significant constraint in providing patients with needed lifestyle modification guidance. Physicians are only getting busier; they need proven weight loss and lifestyle interventions they can confidently refer their patients to.

Physicians need a partner in the Nutrition Care Process (1-3). CARE Adult Weight Loss and Lifestyle Program is a comprehensive lifestyle intervention that offers physicians an interprofessional partner in the Nutrition Care Process. CARE has the resources and structure to provide your patients with extensive practical skills training and behavioral management to finally implement and sustain evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle guidelines for effective weight management.

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CARE Adult Weight Loss and Lifestyle Program Overview

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  • CARE is a lifestyle intervention that integrates evidence-based whole foods nutrition and culinary training, physical activity, peer-to-peer and group support, behavior modification, and habits formation training.
  • Core program is 6 months with continuation options (patients can cancel membership at any time- there is no required duration).
  • With MD referral, program could qualify for insurance reimbursement or be considered a qualifying expense for a health savings plan or flex spending account (please note: insurance claims are patient responsibility and are not processed by the Perfectly Produce office).

CARE is Developed by Minneapolis-based Licensed Nutritionist, Teri Rose, MS, LN

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  • Master of Science Degree in Clinical Nutrition and Research – Bastyr University, Seattle, WA
  • Bachelors Degree in Psychology – University of Nebraska – Lincoln
  • Extensive culinary training using whole foods therapeutically in graduate curriculum
  • Professional Affiliations: American Society for Nutrition (member of the Medical Nutrition Council); American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Contributor to local and national media; voted “Best Nutritionist in the Twin Cities” by Minnesota Monthly Magazine: view media features

How Your Patients Get Started

  • Simply provide them this program link:
  • Or email us to receive a patient-friendly PDF handout which includes a physician discount code for 20% off their first month of participation:  [email protected]

What CARE Members are Saying!

“For me, it’s the science behind CARE that resonates with me.  Other programs I’ve tried never explained why you should eat differently or what the relationship groups of foods have to each other.  Just count points, mix this, don’t do this, drink that and stay away from this.  Also, the simplicity of the program- it’s easy to follow the CARE balanced plate, and I like the emphasis on natural foods.”

“I’m happy to send my comments although am not a ‘typical’ client in that I haven’t really tried other programs before and likely wouldn’t have been a part of this one had I not been sick and tired of dealing with digestive issues from time to time AND the fact that my internist suggested I try this.  What had I done without consistent results?  Had been told for years that I had ‘leaky gut’ (tried a product called Sustain which worked for a while), had numerous tests (transit time, allergies), took GI flora, magnesium, aloe, golden flax, Swiss kris, and heaven knows what else. What I didn’t have was a consistent guide, mentor, and educator… and I think the CARE program for me is helping me build a more solid foundation.  Many of us know what to do (sort of), but I think the financial commitment plus the frequent coming together helps to keep ‘what I know’ more closely correlated to ‘what I do’.”

“CARE is an awesome, innovative program.  Even my picky daughter has increased her intake of fresh produce.  Teaching by example is still the most effective!”

“Thank you so much for creating so many avenues for people to gain knowledge about living a healthy life.  Not only do you share your expertise with others, but you do it with sincerity and caring that communicates to your clients that you really do care about their health.”

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Free Program Option Available

  • 3 program options are available to match individual budgets and learning styles
  • CARE Level 1: The Therapeutic Foundation is a forever free education resource
  • CARE qualifies for FSA and HSA (individuals advised to verify insurance plan details prior to enrolling)