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How to Temporarily Place Membership "On Hold"

As you listen for and begin to accept additional wellness invitations, you do not need to leave your CARE community. You have the ability to temporarily suspend your membership when extended travel or external meetings temporarily conflict with you ability to attend CARE Monthly Group Meetings and Practice Groups.

  • Click on “My Subscriptions” above
  • Click on “Suspend” 
  • Click on “Reactivate” when you are ready to resume attendance
  • Email [email protected] with questions

(“On Hold” memberships retain access to online member areas, direct messaging to community members, and Weekly Carrot program updates)

How to Cancel/Reschedule Appointments

  • Click on “Orders” above
  • Find the appointment you want to cancel and reschedule
  • Click on “Cancel” (to cancel the original appointment)
  • Email [email protected] to reschedule