Online Weight Loss Programs: CARE Level 2 Details

Next Level Education and Guidance

Affordable and Convenient Ongoing Education and Mentoring

A key program feature that CARE integrates is affordable options for more detailed education and longer-term support. You have had 20+ years to establish current habits and go-to lifestyle choices; expecting to replace these habits with new, consistently, healthy choices is going to take time. This is what CARE Level 2 provides- a structured, self-paced format to learn the latest in what it means to use lifestyle as medicine AND how to apply these tools to your current lifestyle.

CARE online offers you the convenience of learning from your own home, at the time of day that works best for you.

Completing CARE Level 1 is not a prerequisite for enrolling in CARE Level 2. Access to CARE Level 1 materials is provided immediately at enrollment of CARE Level 2 to avoid missing any foundation materials.

CARE Level 2 is for those individuals that know they like details and understanding the purpose and science behind lifestyle choices. It’s also for those that are ready to commit more time in the kitchen and want more practice with all things that come with that.  And as importantly, CARE Level 2 is for those individuals that found value in Level 1 and want to go into a more detailed conversation about the topics introduced.

Immediately at enrollment in CARE Level 2, you receive:

    Digital access to CARE program materials

  • Immediate access to CARE Level 1 materials: Step 1: Getting Started and Step 2: Kitchen 101 – Setting Up Your Whole Foods, Produce-Based Kitchen.
  • Immediate access to CARE Step 3: Leafy & Tender Veggies (instant continuation of the story we started in CARE Level 1).
  • Immediate access to CARE BONUS Step: Strengthening Digestion | Understand what is meant by terms like “gut microbiome” and how lifestyle choices impact its strength and ability to aid you in achieving your health goals; also be introduced to what the top three priorities are for strong digestion (and guess what, none of them include supplements); this step was added to the core CARE program because, as you’ll hear in the audio intro – this is really where it all starts with nutrition.
  • View the full outline of steps included in the core program here.
  • Online members have access to the same program materials and activities used for in-person consultations.
  • Ongoing, a new CARE step is available every two weeks. This pacing matches the in-person program and is important for giving you time to practice the current information, in your own kitchen and in real life situations unique to you, before moving on.
  • Mobile access to digital copies of the program materials for ease when traveling.
  • All step materials, activities, recipes, and meal plans are in PDF format for easy downloading.
  • The online structure provides organized comfortable navigation.

    Access to member-only online content and discussions

  • All CARE members (online and in-person) come together on the private CARE online member areas to learn as a group.
  • As with CARE Level 1, CARE Nutritionist, Teri Rose, shares forum posts that get into the nuts and bolts of applying and practicing desired changes. However, CARE Level 2 members have access to the core CARE Weight Loss and Lifestyle Program Group and Forum.  These forums go beyond the topics discussed in Getting Started and explore advanced topics including the Stress Series (CARE Steps 8-9) and the Train Your Brain Series (CARE Steps 10-12) (view full outline).
  • You are encouraged to ask Teri direct questions on how to apply these tips to your own unique schedules and situations. Even if you don’t have direct questions, reading the weekly posts help keep your desired changes front of mind, accelerating your progress.
  • Reminder that there is no advertising in the private, member-only areas. No personal data is collected or shared with third-party agencies, ever.
  • There is no required online participation in group discussions; you define what is the right level of engagement for you. 

    Ability to ask direct questions through the private forums

  • As mentioned, questions are encouraged through the member-only forum areas. Get clarification on program materials and direct feedback on activities as you progress through the program. Remember, this is not automated software. You immediately have direct access to a licensed healthcare professional, without the added expense or travel time of office visits.
  • This is your opportunity for personalized guidance from a specialist to develop the skills needed to consistently make the changes you want to make.
  • 24/7 access allows you to engage when it works with your schedule.

Please Note: Individual Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) is only provided with In-Person program options. MNT includes a review of personal medical history and nutritional diagnosis for current medical conditions. MNT is not provided in CARE group settings (online or monthly classes). Active CARE Online members can purchase individual consultation sessions for MNT services separately, as needed. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions.

Immediately when you enroll, you have access to your first three core program steps, CARE Bonus Step: Strengthening Digestion, and three meal plans with balanced recipes and shopping lists! You will be taken directly to your new program once you have set up your account!


“It is a good combination of written material and online guidance.  It is a program created for those of us that need (still) basic information on the science of food and the body.  It is also a program that can be taken in very small bites or large ones depending on the individual and their set of circumstances. Since the program material is spread out over 6 months we have time to implement changes that have the opportunity to be sustainable verses short lived.”

Sarah, St. Paul, MN

“Thank you so much for creating so many avenues for people to gain knowledge about living a healthy life.  Not only do you share your expertise with others, but you do so with a sincerity and caring that communicates to your clients that you really do care about their health.”

Pat, Burnsville, MN