CARE: Self-Guided

Affordable. Convenient. Comprehensive.

An Unmatched Weight Loss and Lifestyle Program for $14/month

A key program feature that CARE offers is affordable and flexible options for guidance. All membership levels include the Core CARE Program, only the level of guidance is different. This allows you to select the option that works best for your learning style and budget.

CARE: Self-Guided is a great option for individuals that want to immediately start using CARE balanced recipes through our drag-and-drop meal planning tool while they self-direct themselves through online learning. And, as should be expected, they want the option to check-in for practitioner-level help and clarification when needed.

CARE: Self-Guided includes:

  • Access to the comprehensive CARE Weight Loss and Lifestyle Program Online Course (see the full course outline of 17 steps and advanced nutrition topics here).
  • Access to our professional-level meal planning software: drag-and-drop already balanced recipes into your planner (imagine doing your meal plan while walking to your car, having software generate your shopping list and text it to you for use at the store!) (includes a daily nutrition analysis eliminating doing double entries in other apps, just plan now and automatically track!)
  • Live Friday Group Check-In Meeting: this weekly Zoom meeting is led by Teri Rose, MS, LN; recurring every Friday 12pm-1pm Central, excludes US national holidays.
  • This meeting is open to all member questions. It asks the questions “Where are you today?”. From here, get the support and information you need to head into the weekend. All members have the chance to ask direct questions about everything from getting around the member areas online to step specific clarification questions.
  • Direct contact with Teri in-between Zoom meetings through private CARE online forums. The forums are your place to ask program-related questions as they come up (note: private medical histories are not discussed online, private sessions are available if needed)

Please Note: Individual Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) is only provided with Practitioner-Guided options. MNT includes a review of personal medical history and nutritional diagnosis for current medical conditions. MNT is not provided in CARE group settings (online or monthly classes). Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

“I have tried so many different approaches to staying healthy and have never encountered something so useful as CARE.  I thought I knew everything there was to know about health.  I’m 57 and I’ve always been a nutritional junkie.  When I finished my time with CARE, I felt like I had finished a college course packed with so much exciting new information…”   Linda, Minneapolis, MN

How it all comes together!


“It is a good combination of written material and online guidance.  It is a program created for those of us that need (still) basic information on the science of food and the body.  It is also a program that can be taken in very small bites or large ones depending on the individual and their set of circumstances. Since the program material is spread out over 6 months we have time to implement changes that have the opportunity to be sustainable verses short lived.”

Sarah, St. Paul, MN

“Thank you so much for creating so many avenues for people to gain knowledge about living a healthy life.  Not only do you share your expertise with others, but you do so with a sincerity and caring that communicates to your clients that you really do care about their health.”

Pat, Burnsville, MN