CARE Level 3: Continuity | IN-PERSON

$149.00 / month



Please Note: CARE Level 2 must be completed before enrolling in CARE Level 3 Continuity options.

CARE Level 3: IN-PERSON (1 Monthly In-Person Consultation + Continued Online Access)

To sustain changes for a lifetime, you will appreciate guidance getting through various obstacles that pop up throughout the year.

CARE Level 3: IN-PERSON provides ongoing monitoring while starting to reduce the frequency of in-person meetings as your skills continue to strengthen.

CARE Level 3 is now your affordable and accessible place to continue practicing and maintaining the consistency in lifestyle choices that you have individually defined as right – for you.

In addition to maintenance, CARE Level 3 prepares you for master level dietary variety through additional Advanced Nutrition and Lifestyle Topics. As with any good education, the more you learn the more questions you have. CARE Level 3 provides you a place to explore these questions while keeping your personalized ‘Health To-Do List’ front of mind. The goal: to sustain your long-term health results because you are finally able to sustain your healthy lifestyle changes… long-term.