Private Session: Online Messaging


Enhance member forums and group meetings with the as-needed ability to ask private questions and receive private review of CARE activities and goal review worksheets.

PLEASE NOTE:  Private sessions are only available to active CARE Weight Loss & Lifestyle Program members. Price does not include monthly CARE membership charges. Contact us with questions.


Online private sessions are as easy to do as email. Like email, the exchange is done via online messages. There is no need to be “on-call” or available for immediate direct messaging at any point during the private session. The private session remains “open” up to three business days, at which point, it will be “closed”. The scope of a single private session is equivalent to what could be reasonably discussed within a 30-minute phone call. If the scope becomes excessive, Teri will recommend a stopping point or provide the option to purchase an additional session.

Once your order is processed, within one business day, Teri Rose, MS, LN, will start the online conversation with you (which starts the three-day duration). You will receive a new “Private Session” notification in your CARE account once this happens. Then, you simply post a reply to this message with the specific question or activity you would like to review during the private session.  Teri will reply as quickly as possible, with a twelve-hour max delay during business days. It is a very comfortable process.

Please Note: Though the sessions are private and not visible to other members or to the public, our messaging feature is not HIPPA compliant, therefore we do not provide Medical Nutrition Therapy or review personal health histories through this system. These private sessions are to support your education and personalization of the CARE Weight Loss and Lifestyle Program.