About Teri Rose, MS, LN

"Best Nutritionist in the Twin Cities" - Minnesota Monthly Magazine

“In my opinion, we’ve lost sight of the common thread that influences everything.”


Every single hour of the day you are exposed to yet another new tidbit or suggestion for how to lose weight, how to have more energy, how to sleep better, how to age better, what new super food to try, what new diet to try, what diet to try again.  This information is available from everyone.  Everyone has an opinion about nutrition – you, the guy at the gym, one million plus websites and blogs (present company included), thousands of book authors – everyone.  So much information is great, right?  Most likely, no.


Paralyzing confusion from too much information is not good. Too much unstructured information and too many new shiny tidbits only distract individuals from the work that really needs to be done for sustainable change.  Jumping from blog to blog or Facebook post to Pintrest stream feels more comfortable than pulling away and practicing veggie prep in the kitchen.


This pattern makes a healthy lifestyle feel so overwhelming!

But once we take a deep breath...

We remember that there is a common thread that simplifies the true golden key to health and vitality.

Each symptom we wish would decrease (i.e. weight and inflammation) or each symptom we wish would increase (i.e. energy and immunity) is influenced the same way – by optimizing the function of our individual cells.

We can’t control everything that affects how our cells function, but we can control diet and lifestyle choices.  And we can support every cell, whether in the stomach, liver, brain or heart, the same way.

1.  Eliminate substances that damage.

2.  Provide sufficient nutrients to heal.

I am here to help you do this.

My goal is to make a therapeutic lifestyle doable.

To regain your health (and to support the functioning of all those cells), you are going to have to commit to consistently eating a diet:

    Rich in fibers and nutrients

    Rich in a variety of fruits and vegetables

    And balanced to restore your healthy body weight

You are also going to have to commit to a lifestyle that includes:


    Stress management


This is the basic foundation that is essential for everyone to establish.  This is the commonality of all health goals.

This is the common thread that influences everything.

I disagree with statements that say ‘no one diet is right for everyone’.

Everyone benefits from a whole foods, produce-based, balanced diet. Everyone benefits from activity and stress management.  Everyone benefits from focusing their attention on what to add versus what to restrict.

Sounds simple, right? I know it’s not. 


Real life has gotten in the way of our real health goals. 

Too little time, too much stress, and too many temptations make us default to what is easy and what we know – even when we know better.  And this is why I started Perfectly Produce and created our CARE Weight Loss & Lifestyle Program.  I love guiding people, step-by-step, on where to start and how to do this for a lifetime – a real lifetime.

I know time is the most valuable and hardest resource to find, so I am devoted to helping you by:

1.  Consolidating the overwhelming amount of health information into clear, doable first and next steps.

2.  Providing you with affordable, direct access to myself so you get personalized help.

3.  Meeting you where you are today to avoid sudden (temporary) changes; there really is an alternative to ‘all-or-nothing’ mentality, to only knowing how to be ‘on a diet’ or ‘off’; learn how to enjoy the quiet space in-between.

I want to try and help ease your path by applying what I’ve learned from my own – both formally through my training and informally through trial and error in my own kitchen. We can do this together.

Below is a summary of my training. My full resume can be viewed on LinkedIn 


Teri Rose, CARE Nutritionist and Program Director

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Masters Degree: Master of  Science, Clinical Nutrition, Bastyr University, Seattle, Washington

Bachelors Degree: Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Professional Affiliations


Member of Medical Nutrition Council and following Research Interest Sections:

 Aging and Chronic Disease

 Dietary Bioactive Components

 Energy and Macronutrient Metabolism

 Diet and Cancer

 Nutrient-Gene Interactions

 Nutrition Education



Member in the following Dietetic Practice Groups:

  Weight Management

  Vegetarian Nutrition

  Sports, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Nutrition