CARE: Practitioner-Guided

Highest Personalization, One-to-One Learning

Two One-to-One Consultations each Month via Zoom + 24/7 Mentoring In-Between

CARE is a leading Minneapolis-based weight loss program offering the highest personalization, highest accountability, and one-to-one learning. In addition to full access to the private members-only online content and discussions, Practitioner-Guided program members receive the following individualized services.

    Individual nutrition assessment & diagnosis

  • The Nutrition Care Process including Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) is incorporated into your program as needed.
  • MNT can only be provided by licensed nutritionists and dietitians in the state of MN (regulated by the MN Board of Nutrition and Dietetics, Teri Rose, MS, LN, license number is N196).
  • MNT includes 1) review of personal health history and lifestyle behaviors, 2) assessment of needed medical nutrition therapy based on symptoms, diagnosed health condition or current medical treatment, 3) review of potential nutrient-drug interactions, and 4) individual nutrition diagnosis and treatment plan.

    One-to-one goal setting & review

  • Individual problem-solving and mentoring for individual challenges.
  • Consultations are 50 minutes each for in-depth discussions.

    Ability to ask direct questions in-between appointments through the private member-only forums

  • Stay connected to your personal nutritionist, Teri Rose, MS, LN, and the other CARE members in-between sessions through the private online forums.
  • No advertising, private, member-only access.
  • 24/7 access allows you to ask questions as they come up.

Within 1 business day (M-F) of enrollment, you will be emailed details about scheduling your initial appointment.

Please note: The following individuals are not eligible for CARE due to their specific monitoring needs: Patients with kidney disease, heart failure, eating disorders, or insulin-dependent diabetes, patients currently undergoing chemotherapy, patients currently pregnant, or patients that are within 12 months of weight-reduction surgery. Please contact us for a referral.


“After struggling to lose what I assumed was weight that would be impossible to lose due to middle age, working with Teri showed me how to give my body the nutrients that it needed to work the way bodies are supposed to work. Her approach gives you the scientific why your body needs certain foods to operate efficiently as well as dealing with ways to effectively deal with stress and other obstacles in a completely healthy way. I was glad to see that she does not say no to dairy or gluten as well. Teri’s approach is about much more than weight loss and recipes (although the meal planning software is awesome!), it gets to the root of how to prevent bad habits from creeping back into your life. My partner and I did it together and we have really enjoyed learning everything together. Teri is wonderful!”

Jennifer, Bloomington, MN

“A huge thank you to all of you at Perfectly Produce! Your entire staff not only gives sound advice, but everyone really seems to care. I get it! I love being a part of this journey towards understanding and living all-around wellness. Thank you thank you!”

Kelley, St Paul, MN