The Premier Twin Cities Weight Loss Program: CARE In-Person Program Details

Highest Accountability, One-to-One Learning

Two Consultations each Month + 24/7 Mentoring In-Between

Twin Cities weight loss is being redefined by the CARE Weight Loss and Lifestyle Program. CARE teaches you how to lose weight by using your daily food and lifestyle choices as medicine.

CARE In-Person is a leading Minneapolis-based weight loss program offering the highest accountability and one-to-one learning. In addition to full access to the private members-only online content and discussions, Twin Cities-based weight loss program members receive the following individualized services.

    Individual nutrition assessment & diagnosis

  • The Nutrition Care Process including Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) is incorporated into your program as needed.
  • MNT can only be provided by licensed nutritionists and dietitians in the state of MN (regulated by the MN Board of Nutrition and Dietetics).
  • MNT includes 1) review of personal health history and lifestyle behaviors, 2) assessment of needed medical nutrition therapy based on symptoms, diagnosed health condition or current medical treatment, 3) review of potential nutrient-drug interactions and 4) individual nutrition diagnosis and treatment plan.

    One-to-one goal setting & review

  • Individual problem-solving and mentoring for individual challenges.
  • Consultations are 50 minutes each for in-depth discussions.

    In-office monitoring

  • Weight/BMI monitored at each appointment.
  • Blood pressure monitoring available.

    Ability to ask direct questions in-between appointments through the private member-only forums

  • Stay connected to your personal nutritionist, Teri Rose, MS, LN, and the other CARE members in-between sessions through the private online forums.
  • Teri shares additional instruction and insight through weekly posts on the forums, as well as, feedback on members’ activities and questions.
  • No advertising, private, member-only access.
  • 24/7 access allows you to ask questions as they come up.

Within 1 business day (M-F) of enrollment, you will be emailed additional details about scheduling your initial appointment.


“Teri is so knowledgeable and passionate about teaching you a healthy lifestyle …you will become passionate about your own health and well being too! She is SUCH a great coach/teacher … motivating and encouraging!”

Annie, Inver Grove, MN

“CARE is different for me because I thought I already knew how to eat ‘healthy’.  I ate what we hear are ‘healthy foods’ and I avoided fast food and ‘fake foods’, but it wasn’t until CARE that I really started to understand how to use these healthy foods ‘purposefully’ (I word I hadn’t ever applied to my diet until I was introduced to it in CARE).  Now I use food not just to manage my weight but to take care of my whole self.  My mood, my digestion, my heart, my immune system – all of me.”

Theresa, Minneapolis, MN