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Because this time can be different.

There are lots of reasons to give up trying to lose weight. None of them are good.


You’ve tried making changes before. You’ve gone through the painstaking process of counting points, restricting foods and taking supplements. Each time you were met with frustration. You didn’t see or maintain the dramatic changes you were promised. You weren’t perfect (or you were but couldn’t sustain the severe restriction).


You’ve tried all the tricks but nothing seems to work. You’ve tracked your food intake in apps. You bought yourself an activity tracker but never got in the habit of wearing it. You’ve signed up for fitness classes. Each time, they failed you.


Now, you’re depressed watching the numbers on the scale stay the same (or worse, increase). Your confidence and energy levels keep getting lower, your lipids and blood pressure keep getting higher, and your anxiety levels are getting higher, too.  You’re worried about your risk for chronic diseases like Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, stroke, certain cancers¹, and dementia².  


There are also lots of reasons to keep trying to lose weight.  All of them are good.


Reason 1:  Reduce Your Risk of Chronic Disease


Everyday you are faced with multiple lifestyle choices (what to eat, how active you are, how well you manage stress) that either promote health or contribute to your risk of being diagnosed with a chronic lifestyle disease – a very expensive diagnosis both financially and psychologically.  Your ability ‘to keep up’ starts to diminish.


The good news: the risk of your lifestyle choices progressing to disease is preventable.


Risk factors that can be changed through lifestyle include but are not limited to:

  • Being overweight – BMI >25 (find out here)
  • Fasting blood sugar >100 mg/dl
  • Blood pressure >120/80 mmHg
  • Triglycerides >150 mg/dl
  • HDL <35 mg/dl
  • High stress and too little sleep
  • Inactivity
  • High intake of heavily processed foods (low fiber refined grains, high sodium cured/processed meats)
  • High intake of added sugars (>10% of daily calories)
  • Low intake of high fiber whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and unsaturated fats


The key is to discover how to reverse this and successfully use lifestyle as medicine.  The key is learning how to finally give yourself the self-CARE you both deserve and need to make the changes stick.  The key is knowing where to start.



Lifestyle as medicine has the potential to prevent up to 80% of chronic disease; no other medicine can match that. In addition, it is potentially inexpensive and even cost-saving; free of all but good side effects; safe and appropriate for children and octogenarians alike. It is, quite simply, the best medicine we’ve got.

David Katz, MD, MPH, American College of Lifestyle Medicine President, Yale University Prevention Research Center



Reason 2:  It Really is Different with CARE


CARE Weight Loss & Lifestyle Program recognizes how real life and stress contribute to your increased disease risk and less than ideal choices; the focus is on how-to make the changes and not just telling you what changes to make. The focus is setting proper expectations for your rate of weight loss through realistic goal setting.  The focus of this weight loss and lifestyle program is long-term results – not short-term quick fixes.

CARE is a clinically developed program designed to keep you motivated throughout your weight loss journey using whole foods and smart lifestyle choices.


CARE is for you because you are:


   Confident that you will gain the knowledge, skills, and ideas needed to navigate real life situations.

   Accountable and committed to keep inching forward toward your goals.

   Ready for change and to enter into the lifestyle you love.

   Enabled through affordably priced, accessible clinical-based tools and guidance to teach you how to reach your goals.


If you’re looking for another quick fix or a diet filled with supplements and shakes, CARE isn’t right for you (yet!). Our program is designed to help you form new habits of eating real foods, feeling amazing and strong while you move, and embracing a lifestyle that gets you excited knowing you are using lifestyle as medicine!


CARE was created to allow you to:

  Focus on the purpose of foods, not points.

   Focus on gradual change, not perfection.

   Focus on how to cook whole real foods, not take supplements.

   Focus on sustainable long-term results, not rapid weight loss.

   Focus on finally feeling full and comfortable, not being controlled by hunger.


CARE Integrates:

   Nutrition:  emphasis on overall nutrient-rich dietary patterns, blood glucose regulation, produce-based meals to gradually increase to therapeutic 8-10 servings per day, and added sugar less than 10% of total calories

   Culinary skills training:  starting at any skill level with introduction to culinary medicine and how to use whole foods therapeutically

   Holistic fitness and self-CARE: focus is on total daily movement and mindfulness for integrating our minds and spirit in our wellness routines

   Behavior modification:  with topics like stress management, sleep quality, how the brain makes new habits, and alcohol and caffeine intake


CARE is a program for adults who crave a healthier lifestyle but don’t know where to start. CARE is a unique program that simplifies the overwhelming amount of health advice into easy, step-by-step guidance.


Reason 3:  CARE makes clinically-based guidance affordable and accessible.


With CARE, you receive instant access to a clinically-developed program designed by a licensed clinician without the expense or time-constraints of individual doctor’s appointments.


Learning how to successfully make and sustain lifestyle changes requires time, practice, and long-term support. This extensive learning done individually in a clinic is expensive, inconvenient, and lacks support in between office visits when you need it most.


CARE immediately puts you in touch with a licensed nutritionist and your community of peers to give you support where and when you need it. No constraints set by office hours. You get 24/7 access to support and learning through the CARE online forums (a benefit of all membership types). You get to connect and reach out to peers for meal ideas on the weekend while you’re doing your meal plan. You get to post your questions at 5:00 am when it works best for your schedule to be learning.


CARE allows you to make this your journey… your way.

CARE Weight Loss & Lifestyle Program

When You've Tried It All, It's Time for CARE



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 1. The American Institute for Cancer Research:, Paul K. MD et al, Glucose

2. Levels and Risk of Dementia, The New England Journal of Medicine. August 8, 2013.

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