How to Lose Weight (again)… and Keep it Off (really)

How to Lose Weight?

It Depends…

Successfully making, and then maintaining, health-promoting dietary and lifestyle changes requires education, skills building, and ongoing support.

Everyone who has tried to lose weight feels overwhelmed. Fast fixes starve you until you swing back to old habits. Counting points and calories consumes your day, forcing you to make more decisions than you’d like. Temptation sneaks in making it easy to forego what you know you should do and choose what’s fast, convenient and way-too-indulgent instead.

We live in an instant gratification society. It sounds so appealing to drop 10 pounds in two weeks and become bikini ready in a matter of a few days. On the flipside, you also want the in-the-moment satisfaction of a delicious treat (or two). Without clear steps and gradual changes, you swing like a pendulum back and forth between a fast weight loss promise and choosing the options you know you should if you want to live a healthy life.

Isn’t there room in the middle for something better? Something more realistic? Something to make you feel good rather than feel trapped in a yo-yo pattern of up and down weight gain?

We believe so. That’s why we created CARE.


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