Weight Loss Help Using Lifestyle as Medicine: CARE Program Details

Structured Learning with Expert Mentoring

CARE offers weight loss help to adults who crave a healthier lifestyle but don’t know where to start (again). CARE is a unique weight loss and lifestyle program that simplifies the overwhelming amount of health advice into clear step-by-step guidance. CARE is a comprehensive program that recognizes how real life and stress seem to sabotage the best of intentions.

When you’ve tried it all, it’s time for CARE.

The focus in CARE is on providing you with relentless weight loss help by teaching you how to use your daily food and lifestyle choices as medicine.

You will gain the skills needed to make the choices you want in different situations, using your own taste preferences, rather than living confined to lists that are too restrictive to follow long-term and are too limited to work outside of your own kitchen.

CARE integrates:

    Whole Foods-Based Nutrition

You will learn how to use food as ‘culinary medicine’.  You will practice (and receive feedback on) using the CARE Balanced Plate to make meals and snacks that are nutrient-rich, balanced to control blood sugar, and portioned to restore healthy body weight. You will learn how to apply these skills no matter the situation – whether at home, traveling, or eating out.

    Culinary Skills Training

You will learn simple prep and organization techniques that will make weekly meal planning realistic allowing you to prepare more meals at home.  You will practice “always being prepared for your next meal before its time to eat!” You will be provided sample meal plans and recipes to use as learning tools, however, the emphasis is on teaching you how to balance your current ‘mental cookbook’. No longer will you just mimic a provided list, rather, you will enjoy the freedom of learning how to use familiar favorites to reach your goals.

    Holistic fitness and self-CARE

Your first focus will simply be on increasing total daily step counts. The focus of a therapeutic lifestyle is uncovering ways to move more naturally during the day rather than forcing a demanding gym routine into your already tight schedule.  As you progress, you will be guided through defining your CARE Holistic Fitness Routine.  A routine which includes health-enhancing activity that comfortably fits into your lifestyle and you could see yourself doing for the rest of your life.  CARE also integrates mindfulness and self-CARE techniques to increase resiliency and recovery from stress.

    Stress Management

Bad habits thrive under stress. Stress convinces your brain to temporarily forget all about long-term goals and seek out instant gratification instead (more coffee, more food, more alcohol, more distractions). The approach you will practice in CARE is to understand how to prioritize recovery from stress rather than unrealistically trying to eliminate stress. This comes down to learning how to manage the pacing of your day.

    Skills Development and Habit Formation Training

To-date, programs have been considered comprehensive if they focused just on getting a person to initiate a change, however, the puzzle piece missing in this model is the application of psychological strategies that teach the individual 1) how to recognize and break old habits, and 2) how to automate their new healthy changes into new healthy habits. CARE incorporates both. Behavior modification and habit-formation strategies are woven throughout all the program materials, activities, and goal setting sessions.

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“CARE has been different for me mostly because it just makes so much sense! It is teaching me to eat the right types and amount of foods to keep my body energized and healthy. I don’t crave unnecessary foods as much because I eat enough to begin with. I feel more empowered to buy, cook, and eat the best foods for me! Of course the high level of accountability doesn’t hurt either!”

Alia, Edina, MN

“A huge thank you to all of you at Perfectly Produce! Your entire staff not only gives sound advice, but everyone really seems to care. I get it! I love being a part of this journey towards understanding and living all around wellness. Thank you thank you!”

Kelley, St. Paul, MN