CARE Weight Loss and Lifestyle Program

CARE Weight Loss and Lifestyle Program

The premier weight loss and lifestyle program that is teaching individuals how to use food and lifestyle as medicine.

Introducing CARE Weight Loss & Lifestyle Program

The best weight loss program focused on gradual change – not perfection. A skills-building program focused on cooking whole, real foods – not taking supplements. A clinically developed program focused on teaching you how to use lifestyle as medicine – not track points.

Discover how to align what you want to do with what you actually do.

Lifestyle as Medicine

Everyday you are faced with multiple lifestyle choices.

What you eat, how active you are, how well you prioritize sleep and recovery from stress – these are all choices that either promote health or will contribute to your risk of being diagnosed with a chronic lifestyle disease (like Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, certain cancers, stroke, dementia) – a very expensive diagnosis both financially and psychologically.

The great news: the progression to disease due to poor lifestyle choices is preventable.  

But you already know this.

You know there are health benefits of losing weight and becoming more active. You even want to make better lifestyle choices. So why can’t you make them?

The problem with being able to make healthy choices, consistently, is not lack of information. There are thousands of ways to lose weight, thousands telling you which list to mimic, thousands of new shiny recipes and tidbits shared online to distract you.

The true problem is that no one is teaching you how to practice making your own choices or teaching you how to maintain the healthy choices you did make. No one is teaching you how to stick to the choice you want to make at the end of a long stressful day when the pull of bad habits that give you (much craved) instant gratification is stronger than you.

Until now.

Teaching is what we do.

We promise to provide you with relentless support and guidance to make sustainable change possible.

Perfectly Produce offers the best weight loss program options to adults in the structured format of our CARE Weight Loss & Lifestyle program.  You’ll receive direction on which one step to take first, you’ll receive instruction on how to transform healthy changes into new life-long habits, and you’ll receive direct feedback throughout the process.