CARE Weight Loss and Lifestyle Program

CARE Weight Loss and Lifestyle Program

The premier nutrition and lifestyle program that teaches individuals how to use food and lifestyle as medicine.

CARE is a “behavioral weight loss program” meaning it teaches you how to do something different on your own rather than just mimic a list.  CARE teaches you how to use food and lifestyle as medicine and as importantly, CARE is your companion in the kitchen, on-the-go, and at the end of a long day when you’d rather say “I’ll try again tomorrow”. 

CARE helps you discover what it takes to align what you want to do with what you actually do.


CARE is comprehensive nutrition and lifestyle mentoring that integrates:

Whole Foods-Based Nutrition

You will learn how to use food as ‘culinary medicine’. Your confidence will soar around food. No supplements are required.

Culinary Skills Training

You will learn simple prep and organization techniques that will make weekly meal planning realistic allowing you to prepare more meals at home.

Holistic Fitness and Self-CARE

The focus of a therapeutic lifestyle is finding ways to move more during the day rather than forcing a demanding gym routine into your schedule.

Stress Management

The approach you will practice in CARE is to understand how to prioritize recovery from stress rather than unrealistically trying to eliminate stress.

Skills Development and Habit Formation Training

CARE will teach you how to create new habits breaking the need to rely on willpower and white-knuckle restriction.

3 Programs Options Available

CARE Level 1 "The Foundation": Free Program Introduction!

Best option for individuals ready to start making changes but are still evaluating how to start (again).

CARE Level 2 "The Lifestyle": Flexible and Affordable Online Learning

Best option for self-directed learners ready for the next level of detail and those living outside of the Twin Cities.

CARE In-Person: Highest Accountability, Individualization

Best option for individuals within the Twin Cities looking for highest accountability and one-to-one learning.

How do you decide if CARE is the best weight loss program for you?

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We promise to provide you with relentless support and guidance to make sustainable change possible.

Minneapolis-based Perfectly Produce offers the best weight loss program options to adults in the structured format of our CARE Weight Loss & Lifestyle program.  You’ll receive direction on which one step to take first, you’ll receive instruction on how to transform healthy changes into new life-long habits, and you’ll receive direct feedback throughout the process.