CARE Weight Loss and Lifestyle Program

CARE Weight Loss and Lifestyle Program

The premier nutrition and lifestyle program that teaches individuals how to use food and lifestyle as medicine.

CARE is a “behavioral weight loss program” meaning it teaches you what is needed to sustain lifestyle choices that are right for you, rather than just mimic an “eat this, not that” diet list.

As importantly, CARE teaches you what is needed to make these choices at the end of a long, stressful day when you’d rather say “I’ll try again tomorrow”.  CARE will provide you with clear guidance on how to start, structure and focus on how to progress based on what is right for you, and mentoring along the way.

CARE is directed by Teri Rose, a trauma-informed practitioner, meaning you will be companioned in a space that is aware of how your personal history has influenced your current patterns and how respecting the influence of that history is needed to develop new patterns. 

CARE helps you discover what it takes to align what you want to do with what you actually do.

CARE is comprehensive nutrition and lifestyle mentoring that integrates:

Whole Foods-Based Nutrition

You will learn what it means to use food as ‘culinary medicine’ using convenient and budget-friendly foods you already have in your kitchen. Your confidence will soar around shopping, meal planning, and food prep. Importantly, you will pick the rate you transition your kitchen; you will not be asked to throw away or eliminate any food. Consistent, incremental changes are best for long-term results. No supplements or meal replacements are used or sold.

Culinary Skills Training

You will learn simple prep and organization techniques that will make weekly meal planning realistic, allowing you to prepare more meals at home and be prepared to make better choices when away from home. This includes using favorite foods and recipes. Together we will balance what you are currently doing, rather than making you feel like you have to start all over. You will also have immediate access to a professional meal planning tool filled with CARE balanced recipes.

Holistic Fitness and Self-CARE

The focus of a therapeutic lifestyle is finding ways to move more during the day rather than forcing a demanding gym routine into your already too demanding schedule. In CARE, you will explore new ways of defining a fitness routine that really fits your lifestyle. Your first goal will be to reduce sedentary hours during the day, then you will create your personalized Holistic Fitness Plan. The best activity for you is simply the one that you will do consistently.

Stress Management

The approach you will practice in CARE is to understand how to prioritize recovery from stress rather than unrealistically trying to eliminate stress, which will never happen. Prolonged elevation of stress hormones directly contributes to your inability to lose weight, improve sleep quality, or stick to health changes you want to make. It’s time to stop letting stress “get the best of you”.  CARE also focuses on moderating caffeine and alcohol, two external chemicals that strongly influence the nervous system and stress response.

Spirituality and Connection

In CARE, you will explore the role of social and spiritual connection to health and quality of life. CARE provides introductory-level guides and connections to practice groups for how to begin exploring various types of meditation, contemplative spiritual practices, and community-based activities. There are no participation requirements; just the invitation and structured guidance to look closer at things that might interest – and nurture – you, when you feel nudged to do so.

Habit Formation Training

CARE emphasizes the need for consistent, daily practice of new desired changes in order to make them new healthy habits. You will be led through a three-part “Train Your Brain” series that explains how your personal values significantly impact the choices you do – or don’t – make. It’s through understanding what you value that will allow you to find the internal motivation needed to want to practice your new changes each day, breaking the need to rely on willpower and white-knuckle restriction.

Google Reviews

“I have struggled with my weight my entire adult life especially after my kids, and have tried almost everything under the sun. With that being said this is the best weight loss program that I have ever been involved in! Teri’s program takes you through everything from looking at what a plate looks like, exercise, to stress management. Meeting with Teri allows you to feel comfortable talking about personal feelings during your journey. Teri helps you keep your goals small and attainable to want to keep coming back. Teri also helps you understand the nutrition and science behind food, exercise, and brain functions. Anyone that wants this to be the last time they try to lose weight I would highly recommend this program because it’s welcoming and informative.”  Robin D., MN

“Sometimes you give up hope on trying new things, but you are desperate, so you try once again. Every once in a while you strike gold. That is how I would describe Teri Rose and her CARE program. Not only is Teri a truly gentle and compassionate soul (which is just a bonus); she is the whole package. She takes a holistic approach to your health….which is what every weight loss clinic should do. I thought I knew everything about nutrition, but she taught me so much more. She teaches you the chemistry of your body and how it reacts to what we do to it. It’s fascinating. You will learn the psychology behind poor eating habits, and will be given some awesome tools to control behavior. You will learn tricks to make cooking whole foods easy.. Teri brings all of this together in a very organized and simple to understand way so it makes it easy for busy people to do the things she teaches you. After meeting with Teri, my mind switched gears permanently in regards to my health… Teri is an intellectual genius when it comes to Caring for your health. She is locally and nationally recognized and I hope she gets her own syndicated show someday!!! I don’t dream big for everyone, but she’s the real deal.”  Linda S., MN

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Program Options

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We promise to provide you with relentless support and guidance to make sustainable change possible.

Minneapolis-based Perfectly Produce offers the best weight loss program options to adults in the structured format of our CARE Weight Loss & Lifestyle program.  You’ll receive direction on which one step to take first, you’ll receive instruction on how to transform healthy changes into new life-long habits, and you’ll receive direct feedback throughout the process.