CARE Weight Loss and Lifestyle Program

CARE Weight Loss and Lifestyle Program

The premier weight loss and lifestyle program that is teaching individuals how to use food and lifestyle as medicine.

CARE is the best weight loss program focused on using food as medicine – not taking supplements. CARE is a research-based program focused on permanent weight management – not temporary results. CARE is a skills-building program focused on teaching you how to sustain a therapeutic lifestyle – not track points.

CARE helps you discover how to align what you want to do with what you actually do.

Introducing Our New FREE Program Option

CARE Level 1: The Therapeutic Foundation

We know it is overwhelming trying to decide which next step to take (again) when you finally are ready (again) to do something (anything!).

So today, just start here – join us in our free program option. 

CARE is comprehensive weight loss mentoring that integrates:

Whole Foods-Based Nutrition

You will learn how to use food as ‘culinary medicine’.

Culinary Skills Training

You will learn simple prep and organization techniques that will make weekly meal planning realistic allowing you to prepare more meals at home.

Holistic Fitness and Self-CARE

The focus of a therapeutic lifestyle is uncovering ways to move more naturally during the day rather than forcing a demanding gym routine into your already tight schedule.

Stress Management

The approach you will practice in CARE is to understand how to prioritize recovery from stress rather than unrealistically trying to eliminate stress.

Skills Development and Habit Formation Training

CARE will teach you how to re-insert yourself into automatic patterns creating new sustainable habits – breaking the need to rely on restriction and willpower.

Lifestyle as Medicine

Heal or harm. That is the choice you get to make with every lifestyle decision. What you eat, how active you are, how well you prioritize sleep and recovery from stress – these are all lifestyle choices that either promote health or will contribute to your risk of being diagnosed with a chronic lifestyle disease like Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, certain cancers, stroke, and dementia.

So what if this time, rather than finding yet another list to mimic that promises fast weight loss, you found a program that teaches you maintenance starting on day one? What if your next program encouraged you to embrace a slower rate of weight loss finally allowing you to give yourself permission to not have to be perfect?

What if this time really can be different?

How do you decide if CARE is the best weight loss program for you?

The key to long-term weight loss success is making sure you pick a program you can see yourself doing – long-term. Let us share with you some key points to consider when picking your next weight loss program. The key is making sure your next one fits like a glove!

How to Lose Weight (again) and Keep it Off (really)

Do you know how to live outside the ‘crib’? Let us share the weight loss formula to memorize that will help you break the cycle of either ‘being on a diet’ or ‘being off a diet’.

Weight Loss Programs: Make Sure Yours Fits Like a Glove

Can choosing a weight loss program be as fun as picking out a new car? We think so! Let us share the Five Key Features of Weight Loss Programs you need to consider.

How to Find Weight Loss Motivation (again)

If you’re struggling to find Motivation to Try Losing Weight (again), you’re not alone. Let us share how fear of regret is emerging as a new motivator. We’ll talk about How We Got Here, Where We Can Go, and How to Start (again).

We promise to provide you with relentless support and guidance to make sustainable change possible.

Minneapolis-based Perfectly Produce offers the best weight loss program options to adults in the structured format of our CARE Weight Loss & Lifestyle program.  You’ll receive direction on which one step to take first, you’ll receive instruction on how to transform healthy changes into new life-long habits, and you’ll receive direct feedback throughout the process.