How (good) Weight Loss Programs Can Help You Reach Your Health Goals

Weight Loss Programs 101

Pick the one that meets you where you are today.

We understand that choosing between weight loss programs can be overwhelming and that it can be difficult to trust which program will finally provide you with successful – sustainable – results. The most important thing is to find a program that resonates with you, and your lifestyle, so that it fits most comfortably.

Questions to ask about a program you are considering:

Is it developed to recognize and provide solutions for how stress and lack of time make us:

  • Choose refined, less healthy foods.
  • Overeat – even with ‘healthy’ foods.
  • Replace sleep and exercise with high-calorie snacking, caffeine, and alcohol.
  • Default to ‘what is easy’ and ‘what we know’ (even if it’s bad for us) for that desperately wanted instant gratification.

Does it introduce slow, doable changes:

For example, in CARE:

  • New healthy lifestyle steps are introduced only once every 2 weeks.
  • Each step includes personalized goal setting and group support to make them fit into your current lifestyle rather than becoming overwhelming.
  • The focus of each step is on ‘how-to’ make the change and not just simply telling you ‘why’.
  • For example: CARE doesn’t just tell you to ‘eat more fruits and vegetables’ or to make ‘healthy choices’.  CARE provides you with lists, meal planning help, and group discussions to help you learn how to make your new changes in real life situations.

Does the program allow you to still use and enjoy favorite foods:

For example, in CARE:

  • You’ll learn how your favorite foods can still fit into your new balanced, healthy plate.
  • You’ll be provided with recipes and meal suggestions using everyday ingredients.
  • You’ll feel empowered and confident to do healthy meal planning and prep for yourself and your family from the new skills and support you’ll receive.

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